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This DisplayPort Extender is for resolutions up to 2560x1600 @60Hz, it uses a duplex LC Multimode Fibre for a range of of to 200 metres. Supports Dual Mode DisplayPort also know as DP++ so you can use passive adaptors to send HDMI/DVI with this system.

Optical DisplayPort extender, DPFX-100-TR is compact enough to fit into various installation environments with a two (2) LC fibre connection. The transmitter and receiver are capable of transmitting WQXGA (2560x1600) at 60Hz signal up to 200m (656 feet), without data compression. It provides total data throughput 10.8Gbps (2.7Gbps per lane).

The pure fibre connection by two (2) LC fibers connector between transmitter and receiver, gives clean, secure and easy installation with perfect electrical isolation, without electrical hazard and interference.

The DPFX-100-TR can be powered by USB from the source and display by using the supplied USB to DC plug cables to each module. Normal power supplies are also included.

In the shipping group, two (2) short DP cables are also included so as to be mated to various types of DP connectors.                


Brand Opticis