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IDK’s GF-100 Digital Video Analyzer is designed for testing source/sink devices, monitoring DDC between source and sink devices and testing signal transmission on DVI and HDMI capable devices.

The IDK GF-100 is a portable digital video checker for HDMI/DVI devices, providing source/sink device tests, cable/transmission line tests, and monitoring DDC function between source and sink devices.


■ Testing source devices

・Displaying video status

- Displaying resolution, frame rate, HDCP status, Deep Colour, Colour space, aspect ratio, video timing, signal status, info frame information etc.

・Displaying Audio status

- Displaying audio format, number of channels, sampling frequency, sample bit length, speaker’s position, header information, info frame information, etc.

・EDID Emulator Editing EDID of the GF-100 flexibly to check source operation.

-Copying sink device EDID

■ Testing sink devices (Monitor)

・Displaying EDID

-Loading EDIDand displaying specs of sink device including resolution, colour space, Deep Colour, audio format, speakers etc.

・Output test pattern

-Output test patterns such as

 color bar, gray scale, cross hatch, and stripe (XGA ~ QW XGA, 720p, 1080i, 1080p)

・Output test tone

- Outputs test tone and speakers   can be tested at each audio channel

(1000 Hz, 400Hz, 30Hz, 80Hz)

■ Monitoring DDC

・Displaying communication status between source and sink devices regarding EDID or protocols of HDCP.

・Built-in memory can save event logs such as errors and recovery, input and disconnection of signals.

Transmission test (Cable)

・GF-100 sends pseudo random signals and receive it by itself to display transmission quality

- Dot clock can be selected between 50 MHz - 225 MHz

■ Others

・More detailed status can be displayed by connected to a PC over LAN

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