MSD-804FD | 8x4 HDMI Presentation Matrix

Presentation Matrix

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The MSD-804 is an 8 input 4 output HDMI Seamless Presentation Matrix switcher. It has a built in scan converter and scaler, built-in control functionality allows control of external devices via RS-232, LAN or CEC.

The IDK MSD -804FD is an 8 digital (HDMI) input and 4 digital (HDMI) output Full  Digital  Presentation Switcher. The MSD-804 can use optional twisted pair HDBaseT output modules. When the HDBaseT module is used, the switcher can output HDMI and the HDBaseT output simultaneously. The MSD-804FD also has 8 digital and 8 analogue audio inputs. Audio for Inputs 1 through 8 IN8 are switch-selectable between digital audio (HDMI) and analogue audio (RCA), and audio output is simultaneously both digital and analogue. Volume levels of inputs and outputs can be set separately. Lip sync compensation is also built in up to 8 frames depending on sampling rate.

The front Panel LCD Menu is useful for checking input and output signal status on the switcher and to set or changes the menus in the switcher. The MSD-804FD also has other features such as a built-in scan converter/scaler, Seamless Switching, and Aspect Ratio Control are also included.

Built-in control functionality allows control of external devices via RS-232, LAN and CEC, these setting are made via the Front Panel or Web Browser interface


■ Video

- Up to QWXGA (RB)* or 1080p

- Built-in Digital Cable EQ

  • INPUT: Up to 33ft to 99ft (approx.) <10m to 30m>
  • OUTPUT: Up to 33ft to 165ft (approx.)<10m to 50m>

- Extends output signal up to 330ft (approx.)<100m> using a Cat6 twisted pair cable (Option)

- Front panel LCD menu for setup and signal status check

- Simultaneous output from an HDMI output and a twisted pair output

- Aspect Ratio Control

- Seamless Switching

- Anti Snow

■ Audio

- A/D, D/A conversion

- Volume adjustment

- Lip Sync

■ Control

- Input: RS-232C, LAN, PARALLEL

- Output: RS-232C, LAN, CEC, TALLY

■ Others

- Connection reset

- EDID emulateon

- Audio breakaway enables independent audio and video switching

- Preset memory, Last memory, and Crosspoint memory

- Front panel security lockout

- Internal test patterns for calibration and setup




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